Melee Edge Builder

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Name: If this counts as multiple Edges, please specify how many:


Activation: If you selected Action, Hurt or Damage, you may also specify resolution: using


Agility: Smarts: Spirit: Strength: Vigor:

Roll modifiers

Fighting rolls: Damage rolls: Soak rolls: Rerolls: Recover from Shaken:

Fixed modifiers

Parry: Toughness: Natural Armour: Bennies: Agility Tricks: Smarts Tricks:

Removes penalties

Offhand: Dual wield MAP: Agility tricks MAP: Smarts tricks MAP:


Draw this many cards for initiative: Draw again if the initiative card is equal or lower than:


Poisonous attacks: Immune to poison:

Other stuff

Attacks per round: Reach: Hardy: Damage Field:

Reduce wound penalties by this amount: Free soak roll: Benefit from armour: