The Book of Lupine Knowledge

Starting out

-- by Eru

Classing as a wolf should be relatively easy, compared to the others. Wolfkin champ does a lot of damage, just do more than him and you win.

When you first class, you'll want to use human form until you get a good amount of power points. Rage and Regeneration are good for those first few points, with whatever weapon. Once you have at ten or so power points, you can switch to wolfman or wolf form: redistribute your powers to 5 Self Control, 1 in Wolf Form if you're going to use wolf form, and the rest in Lupine Fortitude, and switch to wolfman or wolf. Wolfman can use weapons and whatnot, wolf is probably better if you use claws.

Most POWERS are worth investing in... Rage is probably the best as far as damage output per power point, Regeneration and Lupine Fortitude will keep you alive, they should be fairly straight forward.

TALENTS are an interesting point, I'll point out some obvious ones and maybe a few not-so-obvious ones:

  • Evasion and Sure Footed give you immunity when unencumbered (which wolfman and wolf form always should be), and are definitely worth taking.
  • Cleave and Great Cleave give cut bypass for claws, that's fairly straightforward.
  • Iron Talons boosts damage, bypass, and lets wolfman claws parry weapons, all of which are very good.
  • Tainted Soul + Fiend Spawn lets your attacks do poison hits on crits, like Storm Talons does, but if you have both, you'll only do storm hits. Quite useful at low age when you can't afford the extra power points for Storm Talons, as a free extra hit is always good, and poison damage is quite effective on many enemies.
  • Dark Lineage + Razor Claws will give more bypass than Iron Talons with modest tenacity, and will boost attack, which helps with crits for Storm Talons, but generally Iron Talons is better.
  • Dragon Blooded or Dark Lineage + House Nightwing provide wings, which let you use the head travel tech in wolf form, quite useful so you don't have to change forms to teleport with a wand.
  • Faith gives access to the 'armour' spell (and a few others), which gives you +20% soak to all on all locations at age 100, +40% at age 300, very useful.
  • Ambidextrous is good if you use both hands to attack.
  • Swift Blow is great for wolfman claws.
  • Mental Barrier is good for protecting against mental, but it also prevents you from using Thundering Roar, which is useful for doing extra knockdown. Mind over Matter might be a better alternative, and it also fulfills the requirement for Tireless Rage.
  • Spirit Wolfkin provides various magic spells, including spiritshield, which increases shock immunity, as well as invisibility/detect invis, which go up with Ride the Storm.


Fang Forging is generally very good in wolfman and wolf form if you can afford the power points for it, and are willing to hunt good fangs. If not, a mage-enchanted collar will suffice for either form. Lunar Forging can make a very impressive weapon for wolfman if you want to use weapons, especially with Spirit Binding, and might be worth using with some strong rings/collar, but it requires Moon Weaving which is mostly wasted.

In human form, Lunar Forging is probably more useful, as it genreally gives more protection than fang forged leather items. Moon Weaving can be used to tune your soaks to protect against your weaknesses.

Spirit bracelets can be worn even without any ranks in Fang Forging, so it's worth putting a point in Fang Forging to make some bracelets so you can bind spirits to them with Spirit Binding, and then dropping Fang Forging, with both human form and wolfman.

Wolfman can wear rings, a collar and a belt, none of which can be effectively forged/weaved with any of the werewolf powers, but they can be enchanted by a mage if magical ones cannot be found.


Human form is fairly straightforward. Moon Weaving and Lunar Forging, talents based on your choice of style and weapons. Moonsilver both provides auto-absorb and has zero encumbrance, so Sure Footed/Evasion and Armour Proficiency/Heavy Armour are both viable choices.

Wolf form is simple, the talents mentioned above, whatever choice of powers you choose is probably going to be effective if you keep Lupine Fortitude up.

Wolfman has less natural immunity than wolf form, and its claws do slightly less damage (because of the techniques available), but also has a lot more versatility, because of its available claw techniques, its ability to use weapons/magic, and also its choice in equipment.

Spellcaster wolfman is a simple spellcaster build. Spirit Binding gives extra bypass, and Fang Forging can make a quite impressive spellcaster necklace.

Spellcaster human can do Fang Forging, in which case you can use the fang necklace for power and Moon Weaving for soak, or Lunar Forging, in which case Moon Weaving can weave power on a headband, and rely on moonsilver armour for protection.

The pet is quite useful against mobs, but is somewhat less effective against players, as players are generally better at dealing with multiple enemies.