The Book of Sanguine Knowledge

Shadow Plane Inhabitants

-- by Pygmalion

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Living Fog

The toughest mob in the game currently, the fog is found in the desert, is age 500, does ranged cold and shock internal damage, and is immune to all forms of damage except fire as far as I know. I highly resommend being 300 before attmepting this mob. It has more than 67 detect invis so you can't sneak up on it. To defeat it easily, put ranks in Shadow Infusion, Rage, Legacy, Mist Form, Shapechanging and Blood Runes with Ember runes on hands, Animus on cheeks. Get a torch or two from the store and craft as much damage on them as you can. You could probably wear fire bypass bracers too if you have them. Then rush the fog and try and defeat it before your infusion runs out. Don't bother running away if you're losing, you're going the quick way home because the fog has a range of at least 50k feet. The fog provides the Thunder rune which gives shock spell, and natural armor, as well as immunity and bursts.

Wild Nightmare

A formidable adversary, the nightmare is found in the desert, is age 500, and uses crush damage with fire burst on hooves, and fire breath. I highly recommend being 300 to fight this mob. It has a detect invis somewhere around 50-60 so you have to have a lot of invis to sneak up on it. It's fairly weak to cold damage. You don't want to get close to this guy because he has a mean rage. The nightmare unlocks the Ember rune providing heat spell and natural armor, as well as immunity and bursts. Ember also unlocks the nightmare mount, if you have Chivalry.

Shadow Knight

A solid build, the shadow knight is found in the forest, is age 400, and does cold, cut and stab damage. I would recommend being at least 250 to defeat this mob. It has a detect somewhere around 50. It switches between ethereal and solid form darkblade in combat and I believe sometimes attempts to cut off hands. It has a high defence and a cloak that I believe lasts longer than 5 minutes. To defeat it, have a ranged tech ready. When you see it, you want to hit it before it cloaks, preventing it from gaining 1000+ defence and a lot of spell armor. Then you want to stay at a distance and wait until its shadow infusion drops. I'd say mist form would be the best form for this guy because of the phys/cold immunity, and movement speed. The shadow knight gives the Umbrage rune, which happens to be my favorite, providing invis, natural armor, cold burst and immunity.

Blood Knight

The blood knight is found in the forest, is age 400, and uses a greatsword to cut off your hands while the Sanguine rune on hands provides him with shock, cold, and fire bursts. I would recommend being 250 to defeat this mob. You want to take this guy out quick before his bloodsteel greatsword starts pulsating. You get the Sanguine rune from him, which gives a bonus to Blood Legacy, multiple bursts, and a vampire version of Protean Nemesis, though it only adds natural armor, not bypass.

Shadow Beast

Found in the swamp, this guy is age 300, does poison bursts on his claws, and is quite voracious. I would recommend being at least 200 to defeat this mob. Go mist form and stay at a distance and you'll do fine. This mob gives the Savagery rune which, while raging, gives bypass, movement speed, health, resist fear and a percentage bonus to Attack and Defence based on how badly hurt you are.

Shadow Stalker

Found in the swamp, this guy is age 300 and is fun to fight. He has a high defence and resistance, lots of physical armor and immunity I imagine, and he dual wields scimitars to fairly good use. I would recommend being at least 200 for this mob. Elemental or poison damage is probably your best bet here. This guy gives the Aegis rune, which gives defensive bonuses, immunities and natural armor, as well as the dodge tech for bat form. I tried using this rune with armorless mist form and human form, and I must say, the potential is there to be very powerful, it just requires completely rethinking your armor setup, because the natural armor and immunities only apply to locations not covered by armor. Most certainly a powerful rune, and one of the few ways to get mental soak on your hands and feet, the Aegis rune is very seductive.

Gloom Bat

Using giant bat form, the gloom bat is found on the mountain. It is age 200, has talons that do crush damage, a powerful crush wingbash, and a crush bite with internal cut burst. I would recommend being at least age 150 to attempt this mob. The bat provides the Chiroptera rune, which does some really neat stuff such as, provide a bonus to Ears of the Bat, access to giant bat form (and a decent size bonus), wings in human and mist form, resistance for wolf form, additional pounce distance, the infamous "bat throw" technique, and finally the ability to merge your bat form with your summon vermin.

Shadow Mastiff

Found on the mountain, the mastiff is age 200 and has a killer crush bite with internal cut burst. I would recommend being at least 150 to defeat this mob. He's a worthy opponent, and probably has a lot of natural armor. Wolf form is generally weak to fire damage, but from looking at the description, it appears the mob may have some sort of demon warp that most likely provides heat armor. Bat form might work on this guy fairly well, because of his lack of elemental damage. This guy gives the Canidae rune, providing a technique that hamstrings your opponent (wounding them and slowing their movement speed), physical natural armor, an upgrade to Claws of the Wolf, a bonus to running speed, and it applies Lupine Fortitude bonuses to bat form.

Night Stag

Found on the plain, this guy is age 100 and does crush damage with his horns and hooves. He shouldn't be too much of a challenge, whatever your preferred method of slaying, it will probably work. The stag gives the Valor rune which provides bonuses to resisting fear, a very attractive resistance and mental soak and auto-absorb bonus (one of the few ways to get mental soak and auto-absorb on your hands and feet), and a similarily enticing improved falcon and warhorse.


Found on the plain, this mob is age 100, does cold damage and is easily dispatched with fire. Mental works too, and surprisingly physical to some extent. I'd imagine it's immune to poison. This mob provides the Animus rune, which gives blanket bypass.

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