Character statistics

Within God Wars II there are two categories of statistic: primary and secondary. Your primary statistics act as an overall indication of the power-level of your character, and are used to determine your secondary statistics. Your secondary statistics are used for conflict resolutions, such as combat, casting spells, and so on.

  • Primary Statistics

    The primary statistics for a new character start at 1, but increase through age - both as a mortal, then later as a supernatural. Generally speaking they are trained up manually, but they will also be increased automatically as part of the training process.

  • Secondary Statistics

    Your secondary statistics are calculated from your primary statistics, although they may also gain modifiers from other things such as weapon skills, magic items, and so on. These statistics are used for most actions within the mud.

  • Other Statistics

    Apart from primary and secondary statistics, there are also a few other factors which determine how well you do in a particular situation.