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Twenty-two players

Shinhiko the Torment Oni (Demon) [An Army of Shin]
Nikko the Vulpine Dervish (Werefox) [Nihil Magistri]
Glaedr the Draconian Rager (Dragon) [Newbie INC]
Mackenzie the Draconian Rager (Dragon) [Ghaerd]
Eroe the Sword Archmage (Mage) [Ghaerd]
Shinhimo the Venerable Fire Giant (Titan) [An Army of Shin]
Shinhiro the Sword Archmage (Mage) [An Army of Shin]
Shinhito the Blood Prince (Vampire) [An Army of Shin]
Shinhizo the Alpha Werewolf (Werewolf) [An Army of Shin]
Shinhijo the Ancient Void Dragon (Dragon) [An Army of Shin]
Shin the Dark Abomination (Demon) [An Army of Shin]
Alexi the Umbral Clairvoyant (Vampire) [Newbie INC]
Shinhino the Bone Dragon (Dracolich) [An Army of Shin]
Shinhiso the Lord of Hellhounds (Demon) [An Army of Shin]
Ragnar the Demon Princess (Demon)
Viracocha the DarkBlade Assassin (Vampire) [Nihil Magistri]
Polus the Storm Giant (Titan) [Newbie INC]
NewbieLink the Hill Giant (Titan) [Newbie INC]
NihilLink the Hill Giant (Titan) [Nihil Magistri]
GhaerdLink the Hill Giant (Titan) [Ghaerd]
Nikkobot the Demigod
Googlemap the Dragon Rider