The Book of Arcane Knowledge

Basic tips for the freshly classed

-- by Keshlor (commented by Vavdichal)

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In order to become a mage you need to get 2 tokens from the Arcane catacombs, the location of which can be found on the maps on the website. Getting these tokens can be difficult, but shouldn't be overly hard after training up your stats.

Note: Also, be sure not to try and use fire offense against the likes of elementals and dragonkin. As an avatar, Psionics (talent) might be the way to go, as melee doesn't work either against certain plasma lords and ineffectively against dragons. Having a mount helps tremendously in dungeon crawls.

Once you're classed into a mage you are ready to earn primal in the Nexus. Make sure to increase your Fire Magic power to do more damage. Increase Air Magic to improve your armour spell, and Enchantment to boost your gear. Stats are a different story. You would want to train Brawn a couple of times, but after that it pays of more to either train Wits or Tenacity since Ascendancy is important as well. Be sure to train Powers before Stats, to increase your relative strength against opponents of the same Age.

For the most part, this still holds true. Enchantment (power) is incredibly versatile and works with all Forms. Besides increasing Air Magic, you also need to keep your Blue/Green colors maxxed at all times to maintain efficiency of your spells that boost your attributes, etc. (buffs). In addition, I would keep one of the Elemental Form powers as a primary at all times, until you hit rank 20. Each has its pluses and minuses, which I will outline below:

  • Air: The fastest form available and it floats at run speed. At rank 20, you get 50% physical, 75% shock and poison immunities, +40 Mana and +80 Protection. However you will only be able to wear equipment that are one encumbrance or less (refer to the help file for Form of Fire). With a caster build, you can retreat from most enemies and blast away without any injury to yourself.
  • Earth: The slowest elemental form, but the only one, currently, with an offensive foot technique. You are also immune to the mindblast technique from Psionics/Mind Magic (power) and Dishearten spell. At rank 20, you get 50% physical and poison, 25% shock, fire, and cold immunities, +20 Resistance, +20 Damage and +80 Health. There are no equipment restrictions in this form, so you can play either melee or caster build with this. This is probably the only feasible means of going close combat melee route. Headbutts, foot stomps, and some sort of crushing weapon/gauntlets of crushing makes for anyone that can't outrun you in a world of pain.
  • Fire: The other floating form, moving at jog speed, although not as fast as Air and Water, but significantly faster than Earth. At rank 20, you get 50% physical, 75% fire and poison immunities, +80 Ascendancy and +20 Power. You are restricted to equipment that may withstand high temperatures. This is my personal favorite for a caster build.
  • Water: The least-utilized form right now, flowing at jog speed. At rank 20, you get 50% physical, 75% cold and poison immunities, and +20 speed. You are restricted to equipment that floats; a slightly better set than Air, but much worse than Fire. I can't imagine any uses for this Form, other than against cold-based builds. I could just be biased.

Even with the various Forms at rank 1, you still get fairly decent immunities.

Set your talents to increase your spell damage, get a horse in the stable, and enter the portal in the village or use the 'shift' command. This will take you into the Nexus. Find opponents with slow movement speed, like crocodiles or trolls, and cast fireballs while your mount moves away from them.

A mount is good enough initially, and having mtarget makes kiting easier. But you better have a means of fighting/running after getting knocked off your mount, or you'll make for easy picking for mobiles and players alike. I wouldn't cast fireballs either, but firebolts, as they are faster and the power difference is negligent. Fireballs, on the other hand, are capable of bursting - so if you do use fireball, use it with the Mongoose style.

Some general tips:

  • Enhanced Deflection (talent) is a must. Psionics (talent) coupled with Mind Magic makes for fun times. Dragon Blooded (talent) gives an alternate means of moving about without relying on hands for teleport and moving quickly in Air Form/fast mounts.
  • No Regeneration and Rage powers make for melee more difficult for you. Buffs, healing spells from either magic or wands/horns, coupled with Armour Proficiency and Heavy Armour Expert talents is the way to go for those adventuring into close combat melee.
  • A caster build should not focus on one type of damage. If you're able, having sufficient bypass in at least two would be best.

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