Because of its original approach to many aspects of playing, God Wars II can have a steep learning curve. There is, however, enough help available to get a new player through the first stages.

Your character


When you create your first character, you can use the 'Concept' creation mode to select a predefined build. You will be able to modify it later, as you get more familiar with the system, and tune it to suit your style. But it is a good starting point when you are new to the game and have no idea what works and what doesn't.

You start the game as an avatar, and will have to complete several tasks before you will be able to select a class. This stage can typically last anywhere between a day and a week, and should give you enough time to decide. Ask around, experiment with different setups, listen to other players on the public channel. Take your time - choosing a class is the only step in your character development that cannot be reversed.

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General assistance


A dynamic system of in-game hints and numerous help files (accessible from game through the 'help' command) can help you get started - simply follow the hints or read through 'help newbie' and 'help tutorial'.

There is a detailed New Player's Guide here on the web site, and various tips from other players are collected in the Library section, in class-specific Books of Knowledge.

And if everything else fails - there is always somebody around to ask.

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You will first enter the game in the middle of Glyphstone village, which is part of the Realm plane. The whole plane, with the exception of a few locations, does not allow player killing, so you will not have to worry about being attacked before you can get a good grasp of the fighting system. You also have your personal home plane, where you can restore your attributes or repair damaged equipment. Type 'home' to move between your home plane and the village.

There are several places of interest in the village. The practice grounds, prison and most importantly the dojo provide an opportunity to train against a selection of opponents. You can get free equipment from the store and mounts from the stable, and modify various aspects of your character in the gym. The arena and duelling grounds let you test your skill against other players.

Using the 'area' command will bring up a larger map of the continent. There are several dungeons you can explore and - once you feel confident enough - complete the tasks there to speed up your training. It is, however, recommended that you defeat at least the red sash martial artist in the dojo first.

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Any piece of non-magical equipment is freely available from the store, in a selection of materials, and you will also start with a suit of equipment appropriate for your build. Armour can be layered, but make sure to watch your encumbrance so that you don't overload yourself. If you are in doubt, the 'setup' command is a quick way to check for any major mistakes.

Different weapons work best with different styles, and matching your weapon to your style can largely improve your efficiency. For some good style suggestions, simply 'look' at the weapon.

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