The History of God Wars

God Wars II the sequel

-- by KaVir

«« The GodWars family tree

In April 2000, Erwin Andreasen announced the 16K MUD competition. The objective was to write an interesting mud consisting of no more than 16K of source code. I created Gladiator Pits as my entry, which came third place overall, and was the winner of the maintainability category. I'd been spending less and less time working on Last City, but Erwin's contest had rekindled my waning interest in mud development.

In August 2000, I started talking to Rotain about the idea of creating God Wars II. We bounced a few ideas around, and in October 2000 Kastagaar joined the debate. Many more ideas and concepts were discussed, and we put together a design document. Unfortunately we each had very different preferences, and ended up compromising to the point where none of us were particularly excited about the project. Interest died off.

But I was still interested in the idea of a God Wars II, and developed a prototype for new kind of combat system, which I released in January 2001 as Gladiator Pits II. I then wrote up a new design, incorporating the new combat system along with ideas from the previous design, which I emailed to Rotain and Kastagaar in March 2001 - the project was revived.

By November 2001 the design had been refined and expanded, and we brought Jobo on board. By January 2002 a core design was in place, and Sethmir, Koryon and Tepic joined the team. Finally, in February 2002, coding began.

In January 2003, several people were invited to a closed beta test of the core engine. By October 2003, interest had waned, so I created a spinoff mud called Gladiator Pits III, which was mainly opened to the public as a way of testing the combat system. In March 2005, Alayla joined the team, and on 19th July 2005, Gladiator Pits III closed and God Wars II began open beta. In December 2006, Grulk joined the team, and then on 19th July 2010 God Wars II finally came out of beta.

«« The GodWars family tree