The History of God Wars

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-- by KaVir

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However Aldric was notorious for taking copies of muds which were on the Monochrome machines. With the aid of Amoeba (a God Wars player) and Rotain he started up his own version of God Wars. When I realised, I spoke to Rotain (who had thought I didn't mind) and he allowed me access to his account. I knew that Aldric would have copies, so rather than delete the code I added backdoors into it. I ignored the mud for a couple of weeks before finally demanding it's removal - as I had suspected, Aldric kept a backup, but (as I had hoped) it was a backup of the most recent version, complete with backdoors.

A few months later, around May 1997, Amoeba opened up his new mud called FreeX which was obviously a copy of God Wars - a fact he continued to deny until I logged on, promoted myself above implementor level with a backdoor, and banned his staff. FreeX shut down shortly afterwards, eventually resurfacing years later and looking very different.

However Amoeba wasn't the only person to get a copy of the code. Around the time FreeX shut down, Aldric started giving copies out to various individuals who asked nicely - including three of the most obnoxious of the original God Wars players: SirMog, Smokey and Dapimp. After only a couple of weeks, SirMog had been fired - and in revenge he placed a copy of the God Wars source code on his website on 4th June 1997, then advertised his website over usenet.

Over the next few months I battled fruitlessly to try and get the illegal God Wars clones shut down, granting permission to only two individuals - Tijer (God Wars: The Next Generation) and Pendragon (Pentex Inc) to legitimately use the code. Eventually, in February 1998, I decided to try and kill off all the clones by creating something better, creating "God Wars Deluxe" by stripping down an old version of Dark City. This new codebase was given to a select few individuals, all of whom had to email me an agreement to the license before I would give them a copy of the code.

Around October 1998, Karn (of God Wars Unplugged) had arranged an online meeting, inviting the implementors of several different God Wars muds, to try and sort out our differences. I finally agreed to let people legally run copies of God Wars, if they in turn agreed to follow some basic license conditions. Most of the implementors agreed to my license and in return I left them in peace, even helping them on occasion if they approached me with questions or problems.

Although the God Wars Deluxe license was violated on several occasions, by December 1999 it could no longer be contained, having been compromised beyond my ability to control. For this reason I chose to release the code publically, and concentrate purely on my own mud - that same old God Wars, which I'd been working on for years (although it had been renamed "Last City" at the beginning of 1999, to prevent association with the movie "Dark City").

God Wars had now picked up considerable popularity, and by November 2000 there were 57 such muds listed on The Mud Connector. Less than a year later that number had almost doubled - buffed up by newer derivatives such as Lords of War 4 and Dystopia.

Whether you love it or hate it, there can be little disputing the fact that God Wars has made it's mark on the mudding community.

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