The Book of Wyrm Knowledge


-- by KaVir

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Unlike the other classes, dragons don't have classing dungeons or tokens. Instead you need to have the Dragon Hatchling talent (which in turn requires the Dragon Blooded talent) and then type 'travel' to get to the Dragon Realm. While there, you must kill the four differently coloured Dracamanders to earn their wisdoms (you can type 'wisdom' to see which ones you've earned so far).

You still require five talents to class, however, and this is made more difficult by the fact that dragons cannot use any weapons or armour. However, your tail does use the Flails weapon skill, while your other natural weapons use the Unarmed weapon skill as normal. You may also use your magical breath attack to increase Red Magic, and your dragonhide to increase Green Magic.

When picking your talents, your initial selection will be extremely limited by the fact that two are taken up by Dragon Blooded and Dragon Hatchling. The Red, White, Blue and Black Dragon Descendant talents are pretty nice after classing, but they're probably not so worthwhile as a Hatchling (personally I found that Red Dragon Descendant helped my survive longer against the Red Dracamander). Powerful Metabolism is a very strong choice though, while Tough Hide is also pretty good.

As a hatchling, you have five combat locations - left, right, head, feet and tail.

Your left/right locations (representing your front feet) have three attack commands (swipe, tear, rend) as well as one defensive command (flex). These commands are best when performed twice in a row - two swipes in a row means the second will knock the enemy backwards on a critical hit, two tears in a row will inflict an internal burst attack on a critical hit, two rends in a row will gain a bypass bonus and two flexes in a row will gain a powerful defense bonus. Performing the same command three or more times in a row will result in a basic weak attack, so you should try to alternate (two of one command, then two of another).

Your head has a bite attack, which results in you automatically eating some of your opponent if you hit (this heals you in exactly the same way as eating food, as described under 'help eat'). You have two breath attacks, one physical (using your Attack and Damage) and the other magical (using your Ascendancy and Power). You also have a dragonhide command, which provides you with some minor bonuses, and a travel command which allows you to fly thousands of feet at a time.

Your feet have basic movement options, allowing you to move at walking or jogging speed, as well as a wingbash attack. You also have a launch command, which changes your feet to use the flying combat table, greatly improving your defence and allowing you to fly at running speed, although taking away your ability to attack with your wings.

Your tail has only a basic swing attack, although it performs an internal crush burst on a critical hit.

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