The Book of Infernal Knowledge

Powers and Talents

-- by Xakarii

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  • Bladed Tail - If you've got Great Cleave, you might benefit from this power against many different opponents.
  • Demon Form - One of two main paths for demons, it enables a great variety of forms and powers that can be used interchangably to create a fearsome demon form.
  • Demonic Rage - Powerful in its own right, and devastating in combination with Devil Spawn (attack, defence, damage, speed, pain immunity, and bypass with Devil Spawn).
  • Demonology - Useful if you're in human form to give your warbeast wings and enhanced traveling ability, or if you're heavily dependent on pets.
  • Extended Rage - This power enhances your rage by adding 5 seconds to its duration and 1 speed and max speed per rank while raging.
  • Hellhound - Summon a hellhound pup that you can train to become a giant hellbeast.
  • Imp Servant - Summon an imp that can cast offensive spells or heal you. While perched, it tells you about nearby deaths.
  • Infernal Binding - Can enhance your armour soak and weapon bypass. In addition you can add elemental burst damage and bypass to weapons.
  • Infernal Forging - Reforges metal items into a demonic material that is very durable, yet very heavy. Gives various armour bonuses and increases soak/bypass of magical armour and weapons.
  • Inferno - Requires investment in Pathway to Hell. Used to blow up your corpse in the event that you die to take the enemy with you.
  • Pathway to Hell - Ranks in this power allow you to move about in Hell, and also increase your natural heat immunity and bypass.
  • Regeneration - Regenerate and recover from your wounds at supernatural rates, especially effective when used with a magical item that increases regeneration rates.
  • Ritual Scarring - requires ranks in Pathway to Hell. This power allows you to gain a different bonus from each of the monsters in Hell while in human form. These bonuses are generally more powerful than those in demon form, but they include a great deal less variety as well.
  • Road of Seven Sins - A host of demonic powers that range from slowing your opponent's movement speed to gaining attack, defence, and damage bonuses. You can also use this power to increase your chance of finding items after a kill, narrowing the power attack/defence gap between you and an older opponent, increasing your spellcasting ability, greater health bonuses from eating, or preventing an opponent from changing their target for as many seconds as you have ranks in this power.
  • Spiked Tail - Great if you're a crusher. Sweeps the opponent off their feet with a massive crushing blow. Also bursts crush damage.
  • Tainted Flesh - Increased immunity and armour in demon form. Also benefits those human-form demons wearing infernally forged equipment.
  • Tainted Talons - increase the attack, damage and bypass of your talons (human or demon form).
  • Venomous Tail - Great for a stabby or poisonous build. Does stab damage followed up by a nasty internal poison burst and a cutting rip of the tail.
  • Warbeast - If you're a human form demon, Demonology and the appropriate ranks in this power (at least 10) are almost indispensable as a means of travel.
  • Wings of the Abyss - If you're a demonform user, you'll find the wings are the only other viable option of getting around, although these can be interchanged with the wings of demons slain in Hell.


  • Devil Spawn - 50% bonus to damage from rage, additional bypass based on your naked stats. Increased movement speed when used with Sure Footed. Increased health bonus and resistance when used with Endurance or Toughness. Also doubles Extended Rage ranks for the purpose of overcoming fear spells and powers.
  • Fiend Spawn - poisonous talons that can greatly damage physically protected opponents who don't have superior poison soak.
  • Demon Spawn - powerful elemental headbutt with your horns that bursts to give you the edge in fights that require a little more elemental damage rather than strictly physical attacks.
  • Witch Spawn - One of the more difficult yet interesting builds to pull off. It really helps to use Pathway to Hell and an energy bypass talent like Burn/Great Burn. A warbeast and Ritual Scarring also go hand in hand with a demon caster, however the potential bypass from scars isn't feasible until later on. Hard to get your hands on those energy demon scars earlier. :P

But how do I protect myself?

There are a number of routes available to demons in choosing how to defend themselves. The most obvious of which being armour, namely the heavy kind. Armour Proficiency and heavy armour expert: A must for any heavily armoured user of infernal forging. All that encumbrance translates into great amounts of damage absorption.

Don't care for armour?

Strong magical shields with Tough hide adds a spell layer of damage soak that is based on your naked mettle. Tainted flesh is also a great complimentary power that should help you soak up some extra damage through your natural armour layer in demon form, while in human form you can use bone devil and rock devil scars to greatly enhance your ability to deal with physical damage.


Another less armoured, yet slightly more difficult to maintain, approach is to try and take advantage of evasion on top of the bonuses from either tainted flesh/infernal forging, or special demon warps and tainted flesh. For example, a hellhound fiend with immunity bonus from tainted flesh can stack that with the immunity from evasion, or a human form demon with light demonic armour and the immunity bonus from tainted flesh + infernal forging.

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