Game concept

In the Magician books by Raymond E. Feist, Tomas dons the armour of Ashen-Shugar, who was the last of the Valheru - a race of godlike beings that once conquered countless worlds. He is slowly transformed by the essence of the Valheru, becoming a being of incredible power - yet he is not a true Valheru, nor does he wield the full power that they once did.

In the Wheel of Time books by Robert Jordan, Rand is the Dragon Reborn - one of the most powerful wizards from the Age of Legends, reincarnated. Yet despite his power, he has only a fraction of the magical powers he possessed in his previous life. The vast majority of knowledge was lost during the breaking of the world.

In the Stormbringer books by Michael Moorcock, Elric is the last emperor of Melnibone, a race of ruthless warriors and powerful sorcerers who have ruled for ten thousand years. Their once mighty empire has now fallen into decay and ruin, a mere shadow of the power it once was - yet even now, Elric is a sorcerer of unparalleled skill.

In the Sword of Truth books by Terry Goodkind, Richard is the first wizard in three thousand years to be born with both with the gift for both Additive and Subtractive magic. Yet despite his powers, he knows only a fraction of what was once known by the wizards of millennia past, when items and creatures of great power were creatd and the Wizard Wars were fought.

There are many other fantasy novels which follow this trend; the "golden age" has been and gone, the truly powerful beings of ages past are dead and buried, and it now falls to one individual to save the world, wielding only a fraction of the power possessed by his or her ancestors.

For a novel, it works well, because nobody wants to read a story about an omnipotent central character. But this isn't a novel, and there is no central character.

Imagine what it would be like to be one of the Valheru when they flew their mighty dragons, conquering worlds and defeating gods. Imagine being an Aes Sedai at the height of their power, during the Age of Legends. Imagine being a wizard during the Wizard Wars, when possessing both Additive and Subtractive magic was taken for granted. Imagine being a Melnibonian sorcerer during their golden years of conquest

Now imagine a fictional fantasy world, like that portrayed in many novels. Battles are fought with cold steel and fiery magic. Mighty heroes walk the land, slaying horrifying monsters. Adventurers explore lost cities and study ancient monuments to the godlike beings - the Supernaturalis - that once walked the world.

But wait! This isn't a novel; this is a mud. Why explore the world looking for scraps of lore, when you could be one of the Supernaturalis who created that lore in the first place? Why spend decades of study to attain the rank of Master Wizard, when you could be born as one of the Supernaturalis, and innately possess far more power than any mortal could ever dream of? There are already plenty of muds that allow people to play puny mortal wizards and lesser supernatural beings. So let us rewind history a few thousand years, back to the golden age. Let us move back in time to when the Supernaturalis walked the earth at the height of their power, and the universe itself trembled before them. Let us imagine being one of the Supernaturalis, when they wielded power beyond mortal comprehension, and ruled as gods.