About God Wars II

In the beginning...

KaVir created the original God Wars MUD in early 1995 in an attempt to learn the C programming language. He did this with the help of Rotain, Tepic, and several other people, as described in the History of God Wars. The mud proved popular, but eventually died out in March 1996 due to staff disputes and inbalances in the game. The code itself was released to the public as "GodWars", a codebase which is used by over a hundred muds today.

The idea...

Around August 2000, KaVir started discussing ideas for a new "God Wars" with Rotain and Kastagaar (a work colleague of KaVir, as well as the head coder of Continents MUD). After 15 months of discussion and design, it was decided that the team needed to grow in order to bring fresh viewpoints and sheer manpower.

Invitations were given and accepted, and the team increased to seven members, each carefully selected for their abilities - every developer on the team was either a professional software engineer, had written their own codebase from scratch, or both. On 17th February 2002, the coding finally began.

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The concept...

God Wars II is set in a fictional dark fantasy universe. Players take on the role of the Supernaturalis - supernatural beings of godlike power - in their eternal struggle for domination. The mud promotes player killing (PK) and goal oriented play (GoP), but encourages strategy and tactics over mindless combat. This is not a roleplaying mud.

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The game...

God Wars II is a Multi-User Dungeon (MUD) developed from scratch in C++ on a unix platform. The mud incorporates what the development team consider to be the best concepts and ideas of the original God Wars, tempered by their knowledge and experience of past failures and successes.

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