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Keyword search: E.g., "giant beetle -humanoid" (the "-" means "NOT").

Statblock search: E.g., "Undead -Aqua" (Combat Simulator statblock options).

Output Format

Traditional Savage Worlds layout.
Traditional layout with Combat Simulator statblocks.
Savage Beasts shapechange/summon layout.
Fantasy Grounds layout.

NPC cards using the icons listed below.
NPC cards using pansophy2014's background.

Hide spell trappings from the cards.



The icons are licenced under the Creative Commons 3.0 BY license. They are available from, and represent the following:

Pace and running die.
Flying Pace and Climb (or "Gld" for glide, or "Ltd" for limited flight). The creature's walking Pace is listed under abilities.
Swimming Pace and running die. This icon also indicates that the creature can't move on land.
Parry, the second value is modifiers from equipment and is already included in the first value.
Toughness and armour, the armour is already included in the Toughness value.
Fighting skill and melee damage, this icon also indicates a wielded weapon.
Fighting skill and melee damage, this icon also indicates a natural weapon.
Shooting skill and ranged damage.
Throwing skill and ranged damage.
Arcane skill.
Notice skill, the second value indicates the shortform for special vision types such as DV for Darkvision or LLV for Low Light Vision.