Welcome to God Wars II

This is a tale of the earliest days,

when creatures of myth and legend walked the earth,

when the Supernaturalis ruled as gods,

and war raged eternal...

The two multiverses divided in an opposition of Chaos and Order, and at their centre was born the World Serpent that is the Nexus. The battlegrounds of a neverending struggle for domination among those that would become gods in the next era... the Supernaturalis, immortal souls imbued with primal energy...

The game


God Wars II is a MUD, an online roleplaying game (RPG), designed to test player skill in terms of both pre-battle preparation and on-the-spot reflexes. The development team, lead by KaVir, strives to incorporate the best ideas and concepts to develop and improve what is already one of the most unique and innovative MUDs in existence.

Gameplay is mainly focused towards player-killing (PK) and goal-oriented play (GoP). Our custom codebase, written from scratch, turns mudding into a whole new experience with fully manual combat, a dynamic roomless world and advanced character customisation. The game is currently in open beta.



Character customisation
  • Over 180 talents, each granting specialised character options.
  • Over a hundred unique powers divided among six supernatural classes.
  • Leveless advancement through stats, skills, styles, powers and talents.
  • Specialised knowledges, such as tattoos, magical runes, glyphs or warps.
  • Each player has a home plane which can be terraformed as desired.
  • Pets and familiars that can be trained, equipped, and issued orders.
  • Shapechanging powers, including a fully customisable form for demons.
  • Numerous ways to craft and customise equipment.
Game world
  • Roomless coordinate-based world with weather, tides, flowing rivers and seasonal changes.
  • Dynamically generated and updated object and world descriptions.
  • Three scales of ASCII map for the world, and another for weather.
  • Alternate planes of existence which mirror the main world.
  • Plentitude of different monsters with unique skills and tactics.
  • Randomly generated dungeons.
  • Manual combat system which requires simultaneous control of four body locations.
  • Over eleven thousand fighting techniques, divided among dozens of weapons.
  • All items (and small mobs) are potential weapons.
  • Advanced support for ranged and mounted fighting.
  • Unique magic system fully compatible with armed and unarmed combat.
Puzzles and other features
  • Boost point system which rewards casual play and makes botting less viable.
  • Maps which can be deciphered, providing an alternative to grind-advancement.
  • Lock-picking puzzle system based completely on player skill.
  • The popular WAR mini-game - command your worshippers to destroy the heathens!

Getting started


In a world of dark fantasy, at the dawn of the ages, you too can wield the powers of a demigod, test your skills against dangerous creatures, uncover ancient knowledges, explore vast landscapes, dark dungeons and different dimensions. You won't be alone. Other immortal souls are waiting to become your enemies or friends. Which will it be? What's awaiting you? Will you be the victor or the fallen? Only you can decide. Your fate is in your hands.

Join us in a world of imagination. Find your place in it. Defend it.

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